The mi2600 Mailing list is called pen.

This is why:

Once, on the spaceship Galleria in a galaxy far, far away, a small group of rebels gathered to bring down the evil empire so information could flow freely and peace and harmony would once again prevail. Or maybe they were just looking for caffeine... When it was time for them to part ways, one asked, "But how shall we communicate with each other? Or shall we be scattered to the far reaches of the universe, never to hear from one another again?" And so they decided to form a Mailing List. All who would join were to inscribe their names on a scroll, so the humble List Admin, FiveEyes, could create the List. The List needed a suitable name, that would instill a sense of awe in all who beheld it. As the rebels pondered a fitting title, one, who was attempting to inscribe his name on the scroll, queried of the others: "Does anyone have a Pen?" It is this quest that is immortalized in the name of the noble List.


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LU: 06.07.2003