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Yep, that's it. Starting June 1, 2004 this site is officially dead; no additions, changes, or major updates. It's been eight years since first heard Modest Mouse when I bought This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About. Honestly I wasn't that impressed-- sure I thought it was OK, but it didn't bowl me over initially. Somehow a few months later it snuck back into my musical rotation and enticed me to learn more about the band. As a high school student living in a small rural town, I wanted to know more about music other than the crap that was pumped through the radio and MTV. The Internet presented the best way for me to discover independent music in a town lacking any music scene, and I spent hours downloading audio clips and music news over a creaky 14.4k modem. Modest Mouse had yet to be widely known or popular, and there was little information about them besides several scattered reviews, interviews, and a stale Up Records "official" site. This craving to learn more about indie music mysteriously combined itself with my small town boredom and a desire to create truly awful title graphics in Paint Shop Pro (which at the time I of course gave myself kudos over). Voila! The Modest Mouse site was born. A few meager webpages of transcribed lyrics, press photos, and tour dates joined the other pages, also the byproducts of teenage boredom, of high skool stoopidity (see F.Y.P.) that formed my "site."

As the site was gradually indexed by the popular search engines circa 1997 a strange thing started happening-- I began to receive emails from other Modest Mouse fans, friends, agents, photographers, etc. They would send me lyrics, photos, news, recordings. And I, still with time to kill, expanded the site to include these new and fantastic additions from those who knew the band and lived in places where they could actually see them perform. And I learned more about the music and found more to like in it. Years later I would still discover new details among the songs on This Is A Long Drive... and future recordings that continued spark my sense of excitement for the music.

So in the end this site achieved its original intention of educating me about a band that I liked and introducing me to new music many times over. Shit, I'm sure some piece of useless information about Modest Mouse is now taking up space in my brain that should've gone towards book-larnin'. But now it's time to quit. As I've gradually taken on more projects, bands, jobs, etc this site became a chore, pushed off to the side, updated only when I had a rare free afternoon or evening that I felt like working on it. I still like Modest Mouse, I'm just not compelled by their music in the way I once was. I've met some truly amazing people through this website, some of whom became close friends. And I'm glad that I could contribute in even a small way to a community of people linked by their appreciation of music.

I'd like to apologize to everyone who has submitted content or emailed me in the last two years, and I didn't have time to write you back (unless of course you were a dick about it). Thanks for writing and thanks for your patience. I am leaving much of the content online for the time being for your personal use only. As always, please don't use any of this site's content for commercial purposes or in any sort of rights-violatin' way.

I also wish to extend a super-duper big thank you to Rob and the entire Knerd.com crew for hosting this site since 1999-ish.

I really really want to thank everyone who has visited this site or ever contributed anything to it. You're the people who made it what it is/was, and were the impetous behind its continuity and growth for more than seven years. And if you're actually reading this far, thanks for your attention span.

Thanks also to Up Records, K Records, SubPop, Suicide Squeeze Records, Hit Or Miss Records, anyone who generously mailed me bootlegs or other stuff, all of the people who kept it interesting/amusing by writing me crazy fucking quasi-stalker emails about how you wanted Eric Judy's phone number, and of course Modest Mouse and Ugly Casanova.



I've got a lot of questions about what's going on in this country right now. Why are hundreds of Americans dying in Iraq? Why do we have the largest gap between the rich and poor in this country in more than 25 years? Why does the president pose for photo ops with NY fire fighters, while refusing to give them the money they need to protect our country? Why is the adminstration gutting health, safety, and environmental laws? Why are we spending hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq just to fulfill some sort of Neo-Conservative agenda? Why are we cutting taxes for the rich? Why does the president keep lying to us? And most of all, why do we keep believing him?

The only way that we can counteract the dangerous and retrograde policies of the Bush administration is through a serious grass roots movement of education and activism. Now more than ever we must keep ourselves, our families, our neighbors and friends informed, and ready to take action in the name of our country and our people. With this in mind, I have compiled a few links you can check out.

Ha Ha Fooled You!
Fact Sheets
Common Dreams
Impeach Bush
National Priorities
Redefining Progress
Center For Policy Alternatives
Center For Public Integrity
Bush's Lies
John Kerry
Dennis Kucinich
Green Party
Michael Moore
Pacifica Radio
The Nation
The Observer
BBC News

And for those of you who are pissed off that there's political information on the site, too bad. It's impossible to separate society or politics from art unless you're off living in a cave someplace. These views are obviously my own, but anyone who has paid attention to Modest Mouse's lyrics can see that some similar viewpoints are expressed, albeit in an oblique manner.


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