a good introduction to our band.
for a while, these were some of the only songs we played live.
it still remains a collection of some of our best songs, although
"words" has quickly shown to be rather annoying.
tracks 05, 06, 07, and 12 are from "let's glue stuff to things."
track 11 is from "arthor."

01 i hung out with meat
that's paul slapping his knees for percussion, after an RA told us to be quiet. the
song turned out better for it!

02 say it ain't so (weezer cover)
actually from our freshman year, this is the first of the famous blasting trout overbite
covers, and still probably the best. we totally made the song our own. a fan favorite.

03 let's shoot this fucker

04 words

05 justin norton

06 owl on rye

07 i never created anything i didn't destroy soon afterwards

08 the lonesome tale of fat dolphin
originally this song was about a "loud puddle," but the band felt the lyrics were kinda lame.
so we changed all the "loud"s to "fat"s, and all the "puddle"s to "dolphin"s, and that's why you
get lines like "that dolphin best shut the hell up."

09 food hole
based on a drawing arthur made of a ghost enticing someone to put their pet in his food hole.

10 the ballad of el plasko

11 bill gates must die (john vanderslice cover)

12 chained to the roof of my rundown motel

lineup: arthur, dan, matt, paul, plasket