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On Avery Island (1996)
1. song against sex
2. you've passed
3. someone is waiting
4. a baby for pree
5. marching theme
6. where you'll find me now
7. avery island/april 1st
8. gardenhead/leave me alone
9. three peaches
10. naomi
11. april 8th
12. pree sisters swallowing a donkey's eye

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)
1. king of carrot flowers pt. 1
2. king of carrot flowers pts. 2 & 3
3. in the aeroplane over the sea
4. two-headed boy
5. the fool
6. holland 1945
7. communist daughter
8. oh comely
9. ghost
11. two-headed boy pt. 2

Jeff Mangum -- Live at Jittery Joe's (2001)
1. A Baby For Pree
2. Two-Headed Boy
3. I Will Bury You In Time
4. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2
5. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
6. I Love How You Love Me (Phil Spector cover)
7. Engine
8. Naomi
9. King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3
10. Oh Comely

Everything Is (1994, reissued 2001)
1. everything is
2. snow song pt. 1
3. aunt eggma blowtorch
4. tuesday moon (reissue only)

Holland, 1945 (1998)
1. holland, 1945
2. engine (live)

Early Cassette-Only Releases
before the everything is single, jeff mangum self-released three cassette albums for his friends. other than some songs that would later appear on later releases, these recordings bear little resemblance to his official albums. they frequently contain noise collages and other forms of non-songs such as conversations and found sounds.

Invent Youself a Shortcake (1991)
some interesting ditties and some appaling noise. this is the emryonic NMH and it's not pretty.
1. digestion machine
2. calypso part one
3. my dreamgirl don't exist
4. calypso part two
5. chocolate coffin
6. sinking ship
7. random noise
8. jaw harp
9. a & e melody
10. prank call
11. more noises
12. synthetic flying machine
13. charlotte
14. love you on a tuesday
15. spooky sounds
16. preacherman

Beauty (1992)
first five tracks are acoustic with jeff talking a little bit before and after each song. only two songs ("circle of friends" and "wishful eyes") don't appear, in better forms, on other releases. the second half features two electric guitar songs and three non-songs.
1. engine
2. circle of friends
3. wishful eyes
4. gardenhead / leave me alone
5. sailing through
6. bucket
7. noisy racket
8. conversation with robert schneider
9. someone is waiting
10. hypnotic sounds

Hype City (1993)
the best of the three cassette releases. "synthetic flying machine" is, of course, "up and over" AKA "king of carrot flowers part 3." "wood guitar" is a nice little ditty. "tuesday moon" is the version that appeared on the everything is reissue. "tea time" is a brief song fragment and "los angeles" is a bunch of annoying noises, but other than that and a few more between song fragments, it's mostly noise-free.
1. synthetic flying machine
2. wood guitar
3. tuesday moon
4. swallowed
5. tea time
6. rubby bulbs
7. gardenhead / leave me alone
8. biscuit
9. los angeles
10. piggy
11. engine