"Claxxon's Lament"

A Blackout Beach song which was recorded with but left off Light Flows the Putrid Dawn. It was covered by Wolf Parade on a CD included with Believer Magazine's June 2005 issue.

A version performed by Carey Mercer (with different lyrics and under the title "Claxton's Lament" -- probably a typo) was released on Carolyn Mark's CD Just Married: An Album of Duets (2005). Ms. Mark has lent her backing vocals to tracks on every Frog Eyes full-length, and here she sings the song as a duet with Carey (who plays all the instruments). It stands as one of Carey's finest recordings.

Yet another version of the song is slated to be released by Soft Abuse as a limited edition lathe-cut single with a b-side called "The Street Folds." The single has been long-delayed but may be out before the end of 2006.

Destroyer - Notorious Lightning and Other Works

Frog Eyes acts as the backing band for Dan Bejar on this six song EP. This collaboration paved the way for Swan Lake.
01. Notorious Lightning
02. New Ways of Living
03. The Music Lovers
04. An Actor's Revenge
05. Don't become the Thing You Hated
06. Your Blues

Prancing Cat & the Spectacular Elements

Not much is known about this band other than that it involves Carey, Mel and three others. They opened for Destroyer on April 14th of this year, and a recording of part of their set has surfaced. They have played at least one other show. A news item on Absolutely Kosher's website makes it seem like they might release something by this band.

From Peter, on the Frog Eyes Forum: "prancing cat is carey, mel, pam, reg, and paul pedrosa. they are no more. they were the rockingest. there is a cdr which you'll never hear which is fucking amazing. her voice is glorious."

From Cory Brown at Absolutely Kosher: "Mercer and wife Melanie Campbell are also hard at work with combo Prancing Cat. We @%!$ing love Prancing Cat. More on them later."

From Cody, on the Frog Eyes Forum: "I've seen Prancing Cat twice. It's a full band with Carey on guitar, Mel on drums, a bass player, another guitar player, and a female lead singer. It's a little similar to Frog Eyes but more straight forward and kind of punkish."
Here is the only recording to have surfaced, thanks to Cody:

Prancing Cat (live)